i before e after c

My nickname, "Cie," is pronounced like "See" or "Sea." I acquired it while in University.

Freshman year I had two roommates, Christine and Kathleen. On our suite door we had a dry erase board where we left each other messages.

Christine was a platinum blond, plaid spandex-wearing Scottish punk rock chick from White Plains, NY. At home she was Chrissy and she signed our board with an "X."

Kathleen was a freckled, curly-haired Irish brunette from Yonkers, NY and the youngest of 5, the rest of whom were brothers. At home, she was "Kit Kat" and she signed our board "Kat."

I just signed it "C."

I think it was at a party early on that Chrissy shouted "Hey, Cie" to me across a room and the girl next to her asked how my name was spelled.

Chrissy replied, "C i e," the spelling of the perfume she was wearing, the spokesmodel for which was Candace Bergen (pictured above).

I have no recollection of how the perfume smells. If you have some, please send it!